At a glance.

Our visualizations offer a shorter route to help guide decision making and become a tool to convey information critical in all data analyses.

However, to be truly actionable, data visualizations should contain the right amount of interactivity. They have to be well designed, easy to use, understandable, meaningful, and approachable.  

"At a glance" is our motto for our data visualizations while allowing users to drill down into the details.  

It's been our experience that end users need answers right now. They simply don’t have the time to navigate through a hierarchical menu of commands to get to time-sensitive information.

We work closely with our end users to identify critical information necessary to perform their jobs or missions.  After this research, we then iteratively prototype interfaces with innovative methods for presenting that information in a highly intuitive and rapidly actionable fashion.  Once we ensure the customer will be happy with the presentation, we bring these capabilities to production quality applications.  

  • Well designed

  • Easy to use

  • Understandable

  • Meaningful

  • Approachable