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Modern cloud-based solutions offer limitless possibilities for organizations throughout the world in terms of scalability, availability and access to computing power and storage. Red Alpha’s team of cloud experts can help your organization reach their full architectural potential and establish a fortress of secure networks, resources and systems through our rigorous design process for the cloud.

Whether designing systems architectures from the ground-up, implementing DevOps one-click deployments, enhancing & automating cybersecurity operations, or working with data scientists to implement a data lake, Red Alpha’s team of certified cloud engineers delivers cost-effective, high-performing and scalable solutions to meet your organization’s most challenging requirements.

Iaas And Paas Platforms

  • Amazon AWS

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud Services

  • OpenStack

  • Other providers

  • Cloud Engineering Solutions

  • Data Management ( Data Warehousing | Data Lakes | Master Data Record Management )

  • Elastic Compute ( Analytics | Machine Learning | Indexing | HPC | DBS )

  • Architecture ( Networking | Clustering | Security | Multi & Hybrid [Private & Public cloud] )

  • DevOps ( Continuous Integration | Automation | Containerization | Orchestration )

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