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Usability engineering and data visualization continues to remain at the heart of Red Alpha’s core solutions services offerings. In its relentless quest to deliver Digital Transformation to forward-leaning organizations, Red Alpha fully embraces the idea that execution of the presentation layer is pivotal in an age whereby data is exponentially increasing in both volume and velocity.

Intuitive user interface design and presentation is the critical juncture at which we say proverbially, the “rubber meets the road”. It is here that even the slightest adjustments or the application of thoughtful design and correct approach can make all the difference when telling the user a story that brings eye-opening discovery and compelling insight.

Red Alpha’s team of dedicated UX professionals work intimately alongside your users to ensure the complete capture of requirements to result in a product which will save time and resources for your organization. The resulting outcomes deliver increased workflow productivity, data discovery and improvement of operational efficiencies.

Our UX Playbook

  • US Digital Services CIO Playbook

  • Lean UX Principles

  • Scalable Agile Framework

  • Usability Testing

  • User Personas

  • Expert Reviews

  • Storyboards

  • Outreach & End-User Case Studies

  • Iterative Prototyping and Mock-up Design Sessions

  • Design Thinking

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