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Red Alpha offers best-in-class enterprise architecture and software solutions by fully leveraging its custom-tailored engineering methodologies to meet the needs of your organization in the face of demanding mission-critical requirements, budget and aggressive scheduling. 

Since 2010, Red Alpha has been paving a proven track record of delivering successful solutions to its Government customers while receiving numerous accolades for their leadership, execution and commitment to the mission along the way.

Red Alpha has built its reputation upon a foundation of obsessive dedication to customer service in its pursuit of excellence in accomplishing any task commissioned of them whether large or small.

Red Alpha’s cadre of dedicated problem-solvers are standing ready to analyze and solve your enterprise architecture and software requirements and challenges.

7-Step Full Lifecycle Software Iterative Development With End-To-End Continuous Integration And Fully Automated DevOps

  • Planning

  • Requirements

  • Design and Prototyping ( MVP - Minimum Viable Product Case Study and AoA - Analysis of Alternatives )

  • Software Development ( Agile | Scrum Rally )

  • Testing and Code Quality Control with 100% Code Coverage

  • Deployment ( Cloud | Hybrid | Bare Metal | HPC )

  • Operational Maintenance ( Ongoing Support | Legacy Modernization | Decommissioning )

Core Software Solutions Offerings

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Standalone and Web-based Applications

  • Data flow and Pipelines

  • Workflow Automation

  • Microservices Architectures

  • Enterprise Modernization, Integration and Decommissioning

  • Analytics (Streaming | Real-Time)

  • Data Warehousing and Data Lakes

  • DevOps (Automation | Containerization | Orchestration)

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