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Scaling New Heights, Together in the Cloud!

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Training Program

Imagine joining the Red Alpha Cloud Engineering team, where deploying cloud architectures is more like assembling a spaceship with Lego blocks - challenging but ridiculously fun. Here, 'cloud coverage' isn't about the weather but a daily adventure in tech, with brainstorming sessions often mistaken for stand-up comedy. It's a place where the dress code likely includes capes, because why not? Every day is about pushing the boundaries of technology, sprinkled with a healthy dose of laughter, proving that innovation truly thrives where the spirits (and servers) are always uplifted.


Our training program is as fun as it is comprehensive. We learn together and even create our own courses, such as Peter Grasso’s Infrastructure as Code course. And while there are a lot of courses we do in person, we also take some courses remotely. We also customize our yearly training plans--think about what you could learn with all that time!

What We Do

At Red Alpha, the Cloud Engineering team is integral to developing and implementing cutting-edge cloud solutions, focusing heavily on integrating cybersecurity measures. Their work encompasses designing, managing, and optimizing cloud infrastructure and services to ensure secure, scalable, and efficient operations. This specialized team plays a pivotal role in advancing Red Alpha's mission to deliver robust cloud-based technologies that meet the complex needs of its clients, emphasizing security, innovation, and reliability in every project.

Server Installation
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Team Dynamic

Being part of the Cloud Engineering team at Red Alpha means immersing yourself in an environment where innovation and fun go hand in hand. This team is celebrated for its vibrant culture, fostering creativity, collaboration, and a shared passion for tackling the complexities of cloud technology with a smile. Their work ethos is all about blending serious tech advancements with a light-hearted approach, making Red Alpha not just a place to grow your technical skills but also to enjoy the journey with like-minded enthusiasts.




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