As the founder of Red Alpha, Mr. Ra leads the Executive Management Team as CEO. In this role, he is also responsible for Solutions Architecture and Software Product Management.

For almost 15 years, Mr. Ra has engineered software solutions for the DOD/IC as a Software Engineer with experience designing visual analytics.  

Mr. Ra has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park.  

Mr. Ra has been fascinated by what's possible when dedicated individuals are brought together toward the same goal.  The rewards of pushing without fear toward a difficult goal in the company of equally motivated partners keeps him fresh and ready for the next challenge.


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As Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Red Alpha, Mr. Park keeps an open mind and a certain objectivity when steering the company’s technological direction.  

Many years of intense development work and systems architecture engineering has tempered him to be a pragmatist and an avid proponent of simplicity for the sake of delivering elegant and cost-effective solutions.

Mr. Park holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s degree in Decision and Information Technologies from the University of Maryland at College Park.